Nicole’s Gray and Silver Wedding Cake We were so excited to create Nicole and John’s wedding cake. (Nicole is Pink Cake Box’s sales manager and friend ) This six tier cake features two separators, both covered in silver leaf. We really wanted to incorporate different textures and patterns using a color palette of white, gray, silver and charcoal. Sugar flowers included anemones, ranunculus, dusty miller, and dahlias. Ranunculus, Anemones, Dusty Miller and Dahlias Sugar Flowers A surprise element is on the third tier where we “hid” KISS icons as a tribute to John’s love of the band KISS. (You can...Read more

New York city may be a place where people dress in all black, but they're definitely not rainbow-averse. It's proven in the regional specialty known as the Rainbow cookie. It's also known as an Italian flag cookie, but you know, I have made my decision on which one I like better....Read more

From the proud inventors of the Dewy Follicle System:   Shhhhhh! I hear the librarians there can be a bit crotchety.   Jessica H., I have a feeling they're going to rip up your library card over this. Oh, and do only "past" Christians get to go to the Pubic Library? Discuss .
[Note from Jen: I couldn't take the mystery, so I looked it up. Apparently it was supposed to read " Pass Christian," not " Past ."  So... THAT clears things up. o.0] [Note from john (thoJ): I think I found the library's mascot!]

***** Thank...Read more

This is my very first tutorial, with a not so great camera- so please be gentle with me haha!...Read more

Just a friendly reminder that there are only...Read more

Cupcakes are usually one serving size, no sharing involved. They’re small and easy to package, store, and transport. Decorating cupcakes is fun and creative for people of all ages. Generally they can be made out of common kitchen supplies and ingredients you have on hand, and they take less then 1/2 an hour to bake....Read more

[Olaf:] "Oh, I don't know why but I've always loved the idea of summer , and sun , and all things hot ... [Kristoff:] "Really. I'm guessing you don't have much experience with heat." [Olaf:] "Nope! But sometimes I like to close my eyes, and imagine what it'd be like when summer does come." [queue music!] ♪ Bees'll buzz ♫'ll blow dandelion fuzz, (hurk)   ♪ And I'll be doing whatever snow does... In summer!   ♪ A drink in my hand,   my snow up against the burning sand   ♪ Prob'ly getting gorgeously tanned... [...] [...] ...Read more

This past weekend, I went to NYC for a visit with some old dear friends, and I brought Cuppie with me. You'd be absolutely appalled by how few sweets I ate on my trip (it was whirlwind and I was focused on my buddies!), so instead of telling you everything I ate, I thought I'd share, here, some of Cuppie's favorite moments from our trip. First, I took Cuppie to Washington Square Park. "When Harry Met Sally!" he exclaimed. Then I took Cuppie to the original Magnolia Bakery. "A bit obvious, don't you think?" Cuppie scoffed, and...Read more

JEM cutters and equipment Obsession
I’ve been cake decorating for around 35 years and have known and owned JEM products for many of those but it was not until I recently when I went to a product training day at PME Knightsbridge in the UK that I truly fell in love with these products. I would like to share my new found enthusiasm for JEM with you all by showing what I create using these products and hope that inspires you to have a go too!
So here we go, The wedding cake, which I have affectionately named JEM...Read more

Every bride wants her wedding day to be perfect, to feel like a princess for that one special day. The cake is a special element of that day, with so many choices and styles it can become overwhelming. As a cake decorator I try to eliminate some of that stress by carefully listening to what the bride wants and expects....Read more

I know this is not a cake, but is an original way to serve fruits, so I hope you like it!
Here is what you need: 2 cups of different sizes and, better, of the same shape, adhesive tape, water, fresh chilli parsley or other decorative edible leaves Proceed in layers putting the bowl in the refrigerator until reaching the desired height, taking care to close with a layer of water only. To unmold, simply leave the cup at room temperature for a few minutes and then you can easily extract. Place the cup on a plate (which...Read more

Our general manager Nicole and her new husband John were married over the weekend at Hanover Manor in NJ. We had the honor of attending the wedding and making two cakes for the couple. The first cake was all about KISS. John and Nicole are huge KISS fans and this surprise groom’s cake for John fit the bill. KISS Band Groom’s Cake From top to bottom, we arranged the band members to create a KISS totem pole. In no particular order, we created sculpted faces of Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Tommy Thaye, and Eric Singer. ...Read more

Today is Space Exploration Day, so these stellar Sweets are dedicated to everyone who reaches for the stars... and then feels a bit peckish. (By Anna Vasilyeva ) Excited? Why, this astronaut is over the moon!   (By Cake Studio Rouge ) Gorgeous shading, and that number constellation? BRILLIANT.   So it turns out making a perfect globe out of cake is just a little difficult. By which I mean you have to be a magician with an advanced degree in structural engineering. But, BEHOLD! (Submitted By Jennifer W. Baker unknown. Anyone know?) MAGIC!!
Or talent. You know, one or...Read more

The one-arm bandit made an appearance at the bakery last week for Mari’s 70th birthday! Lots of glitter with bold gold and pink colors covers the slot machine....Read more

Ever heard of Humpty Dumpty's Off the Wall Toast? Or eggs in a basket? I call it egg in the hole toast. No matter what you like to call it, it's always a fun and inspired breakfast....Read more

It was my spontaneous idea, hope it helps somebody :) How it works on the cake, take a look at my first tiered wedding cake (in my album:)...Read more

I generally don't post name misspellings, because let's face it: there are people out there who spell Jennifer with a Q. Names are hard. Still, sometimes a baker will botch a name in such a hilariously insulting way that it. is. magic .   Don't you agree, Whitney? Talk about a bellyache.   And what "Bart" hasn't known this pain?   Believe it or not, this guy's not fat. He's just a little Cubby. Good luck losing that nickname, though.   Is Beth happy they didn't dot that second "I"? YOU BETCHA.   Funnily enough, I think Bobby did request...Read more

Perfect peach pie. Plain and simple. Chocolate zucchini snack cake . Trust me, it's not health food. Better together (and wrapped in pie crust): Peanut butter cup pocket pies . Awesomely whimsical wonky cakes . Ever heard of Humpty Dumpty's Off the Wall Toast ? AKA egg in hole toast or a zillion other names. Always tasty. Want to know my thoughts about the best paper for illustration? Look here. A forever favorite that always disappears quickly after baking: Houdini bars . Look at this cute cartoon . It involves ice cream. Cornmeal blueberry bar cookies. Because both corn and...Read more

KitchenAid launched 1,000 Cooks for the Cure today and I’m thinking pink! And raspberry, too! (Enter below for a chance to win this beautiful berry colored mixer.) But first let me tell you a little about 1,000 Cooks for the Cure and how you can host a party to help an amazing cause at the same time. KitchenAid in partnership with Susan G. Komen for the Cure helps raise funds and awareness for the fight against breast cancer. Their goal is to have 1,000 cooks host a party, potluck, bbq or any get-together large or small with friends or family...Read more

My favorite intern, circa 2011

How terrifically FUN is summer vacation, darling readers?! No school, so much free time! Throwing routine and schedules to the wind until they flit about like snow! Hooray! Now let me ask the parents of small children the same question. Mmm-hmmmm. (GOOD LORD, HOW IS IT ONLY MID-JULY?) Sound familiar? I feel you. After surviving Kindergarten, this summer marks the beginning of having Little C on a Real School schedule, meaning she is out until the third week of August (the baby, however, is now 16 months and interested in equal parts cuddling and destruction)....Read more