Our good friends and Pink Cake Box delivery partners Matt & Kathy celebrated their gender reveal party this week with this Parisian themed cake. Macaron & Eiffel Tower Topper for Parisian Themed Gender Reveal Cake The cake was topped with a pink and blue macaron and miniature Eiffel tower. Along the side of the round cake was a hand painted scene with the family strolling through Paris. The Cote family enjoying a stroll in Paris! Scene includes a poodle, a mobile cafe and kite And after cutting the cake the surprise was gender was revealed! First cut of the...Read more http://blog.pinkcakebox.com/parisian-themed-gender-reveal-cake-2015-02-28.htm

Buttercream is amazing stuff. I mean, no part of the word is wrong: it's composed of equal parts "butter" and "cream". And the actual substance is great, too: butter, confectioners' sugar, a little cream, and sometimes even pink coloring.  Yes, I love buttercream. But today I've got to tell you that it's not the only frosting. Greek yogurt cake frosting deserves your love, too. I would consider this more like a cream cheese frosting in that it has a tang, but the greek yogurt version has a unique texture, which is almost like a soft fondant, that makes it a...Read more http://www.cakespy.com/blog/2015/2/28/greek-yogurt-cake-frosting.html

For years I have been happily chugging along having no trouble at all with the baking of cakes and cupcakes. Then all of a sudden and without warning the cases started to peel away from my chocolate cupcakes At first I though I must have been in a rush and not followed my tried and tested methods but then it happened again and again. Sometimes slowly as if to taunt me! they would appear from the oven tightly attached and looking lovely and then 15 minutes later whilst sat cooling slowly they would start to peel away before my very...Read more http://cakesdecor.com/entries/2054-my-chocolate-cupcake-nemesis

Some of my favorite new submissions this week:   The Serial Killer: How...?   The Cheapskate: It's a professional cake... with a paper plate on it. A PAPER PLATE.   The "Woohoo! Great Deal!" Although the fact that it's on clearance does restore a little of my faith in humanity.   The Bakery Equivalent Of Jumping On The Counter, Mooning All Your Customers, And Demanding $19.50 For It: And a double "Napy Berindag" on you!   And finally, it comes to this: The world's most unfortunate use of "fancy Ls" (Sorry, Jill.)   Thanks to Caroline B., Melissa M.,...Read more http://www.cakewrecks.com/home/2015/2/27/friday-favs-22715.html

Look at this thing I ate in New Jersey. Read about it (and more). ( CakeSpy ) Art related: what is gouache and how do you use it? ( Craftsy ) Cherry-chocolate bombe dessert. You must see this! ( Cherry Tea Cakes ) Snickers Poke Cake. Yes, Yes, Yes. ( Crazy For Crust ) Gooey filled brownies. OMG. ( Handle the Heat ) Chocolate Italian Love Cake. ( Chew Nibble Nosh ) Purple sweet potato bao. Adorable! ( Everybody Eats Well ) Stippling. What is it? How can you use it to draw cake? Find out here. ( Craftsy ) ...Read more http://www.cakespy.com/blog/2015/2/27/bakers-dozen-a-batch-of-sweet-links.html

I have been asked so many times to show how I do my English sugar roses so decided to simplify it as much as possible and do a step by step tutorial.
I have it available to purchase online. You receive a link to download a step by step PDF Tutorial with lots of pics, and it can be purchased from anywhere in the world. Link " http://store5643176.ecwid.com/ " I brought a photographer in to take the photos and organised someone to critique my tutorial too so it has taken quite a lot of time and money. So this is...Read more http://cakesdecor.com/entries/2053-english-david-austin-style-rose-tutorial

Every year I try to channel my inner cowboy and write a little poetry. So sit back, relax, and try not to picture me in a Three Amigos costume*. [*You're already doing it, aren't you? I knew it .]   Jed was a cowboy who wanted to sing
'Bout huntin' an' fishin' an' bein' right-wing.
As a matter of course
He camo'd his horse
But now he can't find the dang thing
("Shhhhh.") *****   Is that an ear, dear?
Who knows, nose?
But that's an eye, aye?
Nice roses. *****   As I ponder the existential stylings of my...Read more http://www.cakewrecks.com/home/2015/2/26/texas-cowboy-poetry-goes-horse.html

I make this cake last week. Just some photo close up of humming bird and Canon camera. Humming bird make out of fondant, painted with rainbow dust .Just want to share. Hope you like it. Thanks,for looking !...Read more http://cakesdecor.com/entries/2051-humming-bird-cannon-camera-cake-topper

I got a request to make this baby shower cake....Read more http://cakesdecor.com/entries/2050-need-help-with-price-and-size-of-this-cake

I have created a new tutorial for the Parrot Tulip. I hope you enjoy it. Lots of love! Christine xxx...Read more http://cakesdecor.com/entries/2049-parrot-tulip-tutorial-gumpaste-flower

I’m a bit of a hoarder but you may have guessed that from my previous blog posts! My tablet is full of notes and screen shots of hints and tips that I come across online, things that I have to try from using bicarb of soda to clean my cookie cutters to giving my son a password so that no one can randomly collect him that he isn’t expecting without it… Possibly the most helpful cake related tip I have come across recently is from a fabulous cake decorator whom I had the privilege to be taught by last year...Read more http://cakesdecor.com/entries/2048-how-did-she-do-that

If you've been following me on social media lately, you've seen posts from a wide variety of locales, from Asheville, North Carolina to New York City to Litchfield County, Connecticut to...Amarillo, Texas?  It all might make one start to wonder: where in the world is CakeSpy? Where the heck IS CakeSpy?  Why don't we catch up so I can tell you where I've been and what I've been doing--and more importantly, eating.  Before I departed Asheville, I made three very important stops that I feel I should tell you about. The first was to Unicorn Farm Road. I need to...Read more http://www.cakespy.com/blog/2015/2/25/where-in-the-world-is-cakespy-this-time.html

I think the following cakes are really special. Like seeing a beautiful newborn for the first time, these baby shower cakes leave me… well, speechless. What a coincidence! E.T. was on my TV today, too! Ethan... phone home...
(and tell your parents Jersey Shore called. They want their tan back.)   "Hi, bakery? I have a baby shower coming up. Do you make cupcakes?" "Baby shower CUP cakes? Yeah. We can 'handle' that." If you squint your eyes, it’s actually not a baby at all, but a bronzed, muscular man in a wife-beater popping out of the cup. See it?...Read more http://www.cakewrecks.com/home/2015/2/25/cakes-only-a-mother-could-love.html

I think the following cakes are really special. Like seeing a beautiful newborn for the first time, these baby shower cakes leave me… well, speechless. What a coincidence! E.T. was on my TV today, too! Ethan... phone home... (and tell your parents Jersey Shore called. They want their tan back.)   "Hi, bakery? I have a baby shower coming up. Do you make cupcakes?" "Baby shower CUP cakes? Yeah. We can 'handle' that." If you squint your eyes, it’s actually not a baby at all, but a bronzed, muscular man in a tank top popping out of the cup. See...Read more http://www.cakewrecks.com/home/2015/2/25/cakes-only-a-mother-could-love.html

No Noah’s Ark cake would be complete without the animals! They’re always made exceptionally well with beautifully hand-crafted faces bursting with personality. The cakes featured this week are so amazing and all fantastic examples of the artists unique style!...Read more http://cakesdecor.com/entries/2047-cakesdecor-theme-noah-s-ark-cakes

Hello cake addicts! Im new to this site! I’m a addict already lol 1st: pat yourself on the back for everything you do! That’s soooo important in cake decor! 2nd: creativity…..again CREATIVITY!!! Is the key to everything, your mind is never a twin to any human even if you were born a twin! :) your still you! Only you! 3rd: here we go… All the accents that go into a cake for example diy cake toppers, diy cake/cupcake stands. Diy business cards. Diy tshirts. Diy cake boxes! Hint hint I hope you get where I’m going with this…..we put...Read more http://cakesdecor.com/entries/2046-there-s-more-to-a-cake-than-just-the-cake

With all the scary C-section and jelly-soaked vagina cakes out there, I think we've lost track of what a baby shower cake SHOULD be. No, this isn't it.   C'mon, guys, what's wrong with a sweet, heartfelt sentiment?     Or a cutesy character?   (On the plus side, it's nice seeing chocolate curls used for something other than "down there hair." [shudder])   Ok, how about some baby accessories? You know, bottles and bows, pacifiers and... uh... ...pee sticks. Of course pee sticks.   Guess that beats putting the real thing on there, though - which, oh yes ,...Read more http://www.cakewrecks.com/home/2015/2/24/the-war-on-baby-showers.html

My big brother just turned 40! For several years we’ve been posting cakes for Serge going back to one of his first specialty cake seven years ago: When Serge graduated from his Cardiology fellowship we celebrated with the classic board game Operation! And for his 35th birthday we created a bust of Serge: So for his 40th we commemorated one his favorite childhood pastimes – legos! Always a kid at heart – Happy Birthday Serge! Serge’s 40th Lego Cake – Everything is Awesome! The post Serge’s Lego Birthday Cake appeared first on Pink Cake Box Custom Cakes &...Read more http://blog.pinkcakebox.com/serges-lego-birthday-cake-2015-02-23.htm

Pricing your work can be really difficult More and more customer expect something for nothing. Huge detailed designs for supermarket prices and they think nothing at telling you ‘how much?? It’s only a cake?’ But that is where they are wrong. It isn’t only a cake or they would have happily purchased the generic version from the supermarket What they are buying in coming to us is a handmade bespoke design that suits the recipient perfectly from the flavour of the cake to the multiple layers of jams and buttercream within it to the specific colour to match their theme...Read more http://cakesdecor.com/entries/2045-it-s-only-a-cake

I figure the only way I'm going to get rid of this earworm is by giving it to you guys. So... Hit it!   So, it's gonna be forever   Or it's gonna go down in flames.   You can tell me when it's over,   If the high was worth the pain.   Got a long list of ex-lovers!   They'll tell you... I'm insaaaane.   But I got a blank space, baby...   And I'll write your name!   Toe-tapping thanks to Lindsay W., Meredith G., Daisy S., Telitha G., Sheri T., Geneva W., Christine S., and Elisabeth...Read more http://www.cakewrecks.com/home/2015/2/23/leave-blank-space-baby.html

In this tutorial I show you how I use stencils and royal icing to decorate a cake :)...Read more http://cakesdecor.com/entries/2044-using-a-cake-stencil-with-royal-icing-or-butter-cream